Business in Real-Time

Our Intuitive Ad Serving Platform allows you to archieve the highest Campaign ROI and manage your Inventory in real time.

Learn from your data

  • Ad-Hoc Reporting Engine
  • Actionable Reports
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Graphical Outputs

Designed to Scale

  • Global Content Delivery Netework
  • Serving Billions of Events Daily
  • Redudant Data Warehousing
  • Scale with Cost in mindResponse and Uptime SLAs

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Actionable Reports

In todays ever growing data world its easy to get overwhelmed by the number of available Reports. Our Ad-Hoc Reporting Interface as well our Actionable Report Notes make it easy to focus on answering Business Questions.

Content Delivery

Once an Advertising has been added to our Platform we will distributed it globally and serve it as close to the user as possible. This allows to archive the highest performance as well adds additional world wide redudancy.

Self Optimizing

Easily Optimize your Placements with A/B Split testing and our Execution Engine. Trust Data not intuition.

SaaS Platform

Our Fully Managed Platform will get you started within hours and grows with your business.

What's New

User Frequency Capping

Easily control the number of Impressions you want to deliver unique to each User Session. This is supported by our `Placement refresh` option as well the total Impressions per User.

Flash Parameter Support

We now support full control over most Flash Banner Options. Optimize your Placement displays by adjusting playback, transparency or quality. This adds to our existing support for the Flash clickTag to keep your Rich Media Assets as dynamic as possible.